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David Lau / General Manager Institutional Healthcare - EBOS

David Lau is the General Manager of Institutional Healthcare at EBOS Group, and leads its hospital aligned businesses, including Symbion Hospital Services, HPS and Onelink.

He has previously held a number of senior positions in the Victorian public hospital system as an Executive Director and Director of pharmacy, led Optus’ health industry development practice, and has worked as a management consultant. He is an experienced hospital Board Director, and has previously chaired the Pharmacy Board of Victoria, the Victorian Pharmacy Authority, and has been a Board Director of the Australian Pharmacy Council and North Yarra Community Health.

David’s expertise spans business development, clinical and corporate governance, strategic planning, digitalisation, hospital administration, and professional regulation. These experiences have included leadership across a number of technology-enabled change projects, including multiple electronic medical record and mobile health initiatives, as well as reviews of State-wide health ICT strategy, and digitisation investment as a tool for economic development.